Friday, 10 July 2009

BNSYC Friday Fun Quiz!

As the Tour de France heads into the mountains and we head into the Saturday x Sunday "collabo" that is the weekend, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz. Please know that I have no intention of revealing which rider is in which "colorway" as of the conclusion of today's Tour stage, so you can rest assured this quiz is absolutely 100% Tour de France spoiler-free. It is also glatt kosher, vegan safe, and fair trade--though I cannot warrant that it is cruelty-free, nor is it completely NJS due to the 32-spoke wheels.

As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer. If you're right you'll see confirmation, and if you're wrong you'll see why Urban Outfitters is probably entering the "fixie" market at exactly the right time.

Thanks very much for reading, make safety the aesthetic centerpiece of your groupo, and avoid sidewalk riding and "twatcrusts" whenever possible.


1) July is:

--duck season
--rabbit season
--salmon season
--butt crack season

2) What is this?

--A vintage, well-skated Nash Executioner
--A cheap skateboard-to-roller-skate conversion (roller skates are the new skateboard)
--A cute little homemade R2-D2/WALL-E-esque robot
--Just some road debris

3) Finally, some age-appropriate behavior! How old is this trackstander?


4) Why is this Brooklyn bike lane all sandy?

--A production company is filming a movie about cycling in the late 19th century and it's supposed to be a dirt road
--There was an oil spill
--It's part of the "Bike Lanes to Beaches" project
--It's part of a citywide program of fixed-gear skid-facilitation

5) This brake lever position is known as:

--The "Come Hither"
--The "Wild Boar"
--The "Snaggletooth"

6) Garmin-Slipstream are now mounting a challenge to Lance Armstrong and Astana in the competition for the Maillot Célébrité.


7) The Caucasian Dashiki x Crocs "collabo" is the newest ironic look to "drop" at Urban Outfitters:


8) Sweet! It's a tall bike ________:

--beer cozy
--top tube pad
--forearm gauntlet

9) For maximum "street cred," always perform your intersection track stand:

--on a Bianchi Pista
--at least two feet in front of the crosswalk
--while wearing a helmet
--in front of an oncoming truck

10) Which rider waited for the light to turn green before crossing the intersection? The guy on the bicycle wearing the blazer, or the guy on the motorcycle wearing the "Brooklyn's Most Wanted" leather vest?

--Bicycle guy
--Motorcycle guy

***Special Retina-Searing Über-Custom Bicycle Bonus Question***

Which "colorway" is this Seven? (Note day-glo chain hanger.)

--"Wavy Gravy"
--"John Slawta Freakout"
--All of them


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