Thursday, 6 October 2011

No. 1 lightweight in the world (?) M2 racer Eagle Saddle

Perhaps still the world's lightest saddle, "m2 racer" of "Eagle" little weight is 39 grams.

It was the lightest boasted "Schmolke seat post TLO" (80 grams Diameter 31.6mm, and the current model are different ways of clamping) a combination, we still use it. This kind of saddle is very broken and it is said, four years later is still active. I have quite a hardseat, "assos" light blue pads "S5" on the ass so sore it keeps me stepping on the crankis not hard wearing. While the paddle is slippery ass out, stick to steady it as the seat isquite right Repan moisture from the body and a little run.

More than that now shape the post is straight so there is no lowering the saddle,consider changing to a type that had been so many setbacks be folded with the rear endof the saddle to ride your ass recently is inside. Candidate, "Ax.2200" But the weight isnow and may remain so.

 "Schmolke TLO" seat post will at least draw the line there during part of the maximumextension length is about 5 cm. Mark given by considering the convenience of users ofaluminum as a general post, but rather than tighten it does not stand up to it is extremely thin. Using such a cut unwanted parts bought at the time of introduction is not longer.
Recommended tightening torque using 3Nm in mounting paste limit is 5Nm.

Compex (Equipment EMS) increase in muscle

"Compex" says exercise increases muscle strength without the voluntary, just "waiting Temashita" EMS training equipment was introduced in 2006 as an "electrical muscle stimulation" is a device for.
The output of the muscle by command from the brain, regardless of the strength of will, but is limited, muscle contraction by electrical stimulation from an external force (increasing the current) Not more than it can be easily In his will say that it has achieved such a high load of training can not be absolute, such that the aircraft seemed to own the rolling Saborita make it.
Before the introduction of a speculation, but it was supposed to measure the increase in bicycle use various muscles while processing your work email, etc., to other things and it hurts like crazy but you can try is concentrated not. You just have to watch TV 関No山 best. It takes 30 minutes plus 1 menu, not to say there is also hard not go here.
You are easy to remain patient even if the heart also hurts Well, who can not continue to be innovative in their muscles contract about writing a sweat never seen there is no doubt. The effect is a thicker muscle in a short time in the immediacy, the more strength.However, if trained at all this is probably normal in strength training and cardio resynthesis of ATP and growth should follow, and not even worry about what I like does not improve tolerance to lactic acid. You might have a negative effect on endurance dropped or lowered fuel economy (whether this concern is correct do not know, so "POWERbreathe" What is not introduced.)
Early models of the type I "SPORTS" is a product called, so I stop using it too often was a loose cable from just about buying. I asked where in the cycle mode for the next year of reflection, "(appears to be solid and look 居Ru) 差Shitara want you to pull out immediately once the lose-body-side connector" was explained. The current model is "Performance" on behalf of said residence, also different cable model number (which is also nearly identical look and schemes) to connector maybe it will be 居Ru have been made better?
I try to restart in a strengthening leg muscles for pulling cable and carefully excavated after a long time I was wearing a long dirt? We think.

m2 racer bottle cage, 7 g measured

I thought I better not much different from any light it anyway Nantes lightly bottle cage,was reasonably light weight (7 g each) were paper-thin "m2 racer" I got a bottle cage.(Sorry for the old bed.)

Lighter than those made ​​by others in which I have to not Subon Toka downward shapeof the bottle, and Toka array Dattari extremely pleasing and I chose this line yet sufficiently safe Nada However, the product was flawed in various parts honest.

The main problem that prevented from entering the bottle is mounted in the cap bolt andbolt head (!) As well. I do not have steps to ensure the clearance of the bottle cagemounted on the ordinary. Likeness even get in the way the thickness of the derailleurhanger on the seat tube. Shavings as thin as possible and nylon washers sounavoidable, and was fitted with a wrench to be able to tighten the cap bolt head byscraping of the aluminum. (Will be shaved and out of print because when the bottle.)Tools and then the bolt was in the air.

Too bad I ran out and easy to use, not to say that despite the surprisingly bottle design,and dancing to rock from side to side and on the bad roads or put something in any case without the stiffness, crush the strong direction would apply force and cracking. Youcan retrofit one.

The past can not be recommended because of vibration while driving off a thousandruns and put the water may be tried mounting bolt with nylon.

Tune Skyline skewer, measured 17.5 g

Method omitted to lighten the wheel quick release lever from the old "Gonzo (closure)", "m2 racer (closure)," etc., and some manufacturers incorporate residence, became theera's ultra-lightweight has been achieved. Many models also enhance the effect by attaching special tool to prevent theft and portable.

Still "ATIK" or "OMNI racer" like "m2 racer" and the copy model, which can tighten thehexagon wrench 5mm "DELTA", etc., but has circulated many products, the light of the most that this is likely the "Tune Skyline". Measured before and after the set is 17.5 grams.

The amateur is not a translation 居Ru people who come running with a spare wheel buta puncture, "at the Quick" is enough now need a tremendous force to tighten the turn with a wrench in order to not use the leverage file (the spanner rather poor) and that, likethe nerve to use the tightening wasted quite right place, at ease 今一Tsu, causing the wheel to the annoying installation and removal.

Now the "power crank" to turn, and for unsorted not wear roller wheels and one day forthe same "Tune" version of the OE wheel manufacturer made ​​"AC 14" has beenconveniently used to. Koch is around 49 grams. (Near photo. I have seen on the back 居Ru "Skyline")

Various titanium chain

Titanium bicycle chain, more than a decade ago "Viking" Manufacturers of America says(which seems recently collapsed) and a residence for out Shimano 8 speed from the photo above, this link at 106 231 g . But this model is not on its side for use in a derailleuror residence because there is a link pin pops out from the plate is not only "track" was assaid. To use or even try I end up shaving the links one by one pin must not protrude, Iturned to leave the warehouse.

German "Wippermann" issued by the "Connex 10TR" is a chain made ​​of titanium limited edition that appeared in a long time yet, here you can use a bicycle transmission withenough of the right and left to become slightly less. 226 g at 106 links, and also verybeautiful finish. "Viking" can also simply link pin is stainless steel.

Popular in the streets claiming the lightest "KMC" of Taiwan's manufacturers say"X10SL" is "TiN (Titanium nitro-id) coated" steel chain with 230 grams is not the samenumber of links made ​​of titanium. Strictly speaking, "Connex 10TR" lightest so lightweightlittle bit better as the chaining steel that is not on the lightweight enough, the Shimano"Dura-Ace" impression and secure place What is the manufacturer of the chain aregiven. "Connex" rough finish is a little more.

At present, Taiwan also "Yaban" so that the 218 g measured at 106 link chain seems to be titanium issued by the manufacturers say, in what 居Ru in circulation is probably this will lightest. The item description is "lubricating oil-impregnated ※" was not sung, butbecause of the oil-bearing titanium never heard of it, if this is true is with considerableinterest. Toka is also twice as common in the chain of life in quietness. However, speedis limited to 10.

Titanium [Yaban (hopefully) - Chain specs
Dimension: 1 / 2 "x11/128"
Speed ​​of Sprocket: 10
Weight: 210grams/110L
Pin Length: 5.9mm
Special Material: Self-Lubricating Chain Material
Enhanced Durability: Twice as long as a normal chain Noiseless
Lubricating oil content ※: iron is the oldest technology, we'll have pre-impregnated with alubricant in the metal sliding parts, lubrication technology that eliminates the need forsuch extreme lubrication speaking.

• Photos from the "Viking Titanium", "Connex 10TR", "KMC X10 SL"

Schmolke Carbon bolts made ​​of

"Schmolke" on "Carbon Screw" is beautifully finished third party than has been the headshape include various stocks sizes from M6 to M4. Variation of the length of the pack is a little long is very simple.

居Ru M5 are often used by bicycle, however (right) and I noticed that very few places where I can obtain and use, but not a lot of momentum left over are allowed only up tothe tightening torque is 1.5Nm. On the other hand "OK with if" part is like a lighter-weightnylon bolts (left), it would serve well in the practical and Kurenai is a little more durableWhat is still felt.

The seat post and stem hangers, used to handle in the NG is not even trying, of course,might go? I was useless and I tried the fixing of the front derailleur and derailleur hangerwire, "PowerCordz" is fixed.

Normal bottle cage fixed to the fixed pulley useable. A brake shoe fixed to withstandsurprisingly, the front ones on the market that is scary because there are many I do noteven use aluminum. The Toka derailleur adjustment bolt any more small things I could use that size is currently not sufficient.

Nylon bolts, Toka for closing holes in the case that requires only one bottle cage, under the lead wires fixed BB, etc. used to secure the mounting bracket and light machinecycle. Can not stand to secure the bottle cage.

Retrofits to the lightweight bolt

Weight and determine the width of the direct operation of the derailleur is wondering weave a little different from previous "limit screw". What have reason to do anything but just weave Phillips is here?
In the relay race, the scene may be projected 居Ru alongside the car and adjust it while riding a bike mechanic, what's a request from service under conditions instability may say so? But no such a thing is like just because it is simply because the specifications of a Phillips screwdriver MTB derailleur as well ... which should not.
What you say only there but the driver development brought out by hexagon wrench handle almost any other screws, so that his troublesome applications are closed Hexagon replaced front and rear support. Front (pictured above) is made of aluminum, the rear (pictured below) have put their heads shaved a little more durable titanium so that the head is too large to fit aluminum. This also reduces carrying tools.
Generally lighter and bolts "Iron" → "Titanium" → "Aluminum" → (carbon) makes use of the material by changing the density difference. I was happy with the weight of one step is small, you get quite come to mind can retrofit or genuine aluminum steel screws. Is also very attractive place to go and say less rusting parts. Another hand I have found still say adoption of the hollow bolt. This was aimed at three years longer be crushed 居Ru been closed off since the site 居Ru home.
Campagnolo Record (10S) For a full set of bolts can be replaced with something lighter than a genuine relatively easy, washers, axles, other parts in about 40 different specialty, total 155 hybrid aluminum / titanium grams or 170 grams and that's all titanium. (Pedal aside, it is slightly larger numbers also include a hub shaft 居Ru Toka seat post screw.)
9 parts of aluminum in the front derailleur is a negative one only 1-2 grams. And has little real effect because a large part of the retrofit compared to the front and said, in effect at one location is quite small everywhere, it still Kaki集Mere whole set is made of genuine bolt main steel So overlook is about 100 grams lighter than the. (In my case, not using so much the exact location and Campagnolo components made tight weave that has been slightly changed from the end is unknown.)

Modification of m2 racer Eagle Saddle

The cold season to come is finally in full swing today.
My wardrobe for the winter (for less than 6 ℃ Mekasaito said) I had finished for the summer with little cold for a hot hot day last week that there are only gay places in bib shorts , finally reinvented itself.
For summer, "s5" pad to the saddle pad is not required for older models in winter (orange pad), I get a pain in the groin in two places and take so long. Replace the pad with the saddle during the winter months there. Users do not have time to ride the bike shorts say a roller bed.
Spare base "m2 racer Eagle" is. The 5mm thick paste based on urethane foam, the skin of the diamond python (aiming to be the wrong way-slip effect) and paste.The body color is so plain bright lime green.
[Paste] on the pad
The double-sided tape on the front paste the material you want to saddle pad, and cut off the protruding place. If not put a leather 済Maseru, such as urethane foam is recommended for up to about 10 mm from 5mm. Once the urethane and then temporary fixing, drop the uniform angular angular stroke water-resistant paper put on the saddle before the finish to clean up and as ready-made to your overall shaping. If the leather on the pad, the internal urethane safe to leave off.
[Leather] for crucifixion
Provide a cycle greater than the cut surface of saddle leather. Infringe the bond pad (I used my glue steel) and smearing the entire surface of the pad reaches the halfway dry, apply the leather to the back and to involve in it. Keep the glue to dry ※ sewn to fit the back portion of the saddle and pull (or even if you tape the coil less viscous), glued to the back of the saddle and ready to leave town to finish off the dry is.
Make a well in line with the original shape even fairly complicated shape, as in the picture With thin stretchy leather. Suffers from 落車 off the side with a simple task requiring no special tools are also useful for playing favorite who beat the saddle leather.
※ "sewn on the back" method when doing the pads to be used as interior materials, etc. can not be fixed Sorubosein Toka Gel pads and double-sided adhesive tape does not need 居Ru stuck to the side and saddle leather possible. Then, glue pad on top of the steel is so hard and dry is better to be 塗Ranai.

Continental COMPETITION "Lightweight"

The photo above is "Lightweight" manufacture wheels, Weaving and selling "Carbon Sports" sold by "Lightweight" version signature. What is there to say a special lighter than general products unfortunately, tread, sidewall, all-black fearless impressive loincloth. Initially, the 22mm "COMPETITION" was seen, and now "PODIUM", and 19mm models "Continental" has it all's high performance tubular. "Lightweight" and put on the wheel is a bit noisy in the vertical line of wheels and tires are the same logo.
Since his bike ride as a hobby 居Ru, something "for the battle" or "practice" accounts for most of the time to say or "only," said Nantes dare use any of the favorite day of the very sacrilegious I think the "tire may be possible to use light and" always looking for variety and try.
That being said, the streets are only for high-performance carbon tubular wheels are still many (even among Tubular) Nevertheless, the price leader in the tire manufacturers as well as understated across the board is already moving to clincher, the latest version of the two At the same time there 味Waenai the status quo is fine but I do not have much choice ....
Had not arrived at all but raised on the novelty "Continental COMPETITION". Otherwise everything in this Konashimasu Toka up only. 235g is about 19mm, about 265g and is 22mm, "TUFO" and this is seen running with quite heavy compared to the tires (especially 22mm more) 転Garimasu quite lightly. No complaints for me the grip.Standard tire more easily as I do not think raising fine. And weight is bad for a little bit disappointed with points, this is where you can put up to offset the performance of others. Put on the rim of the tire is extremely difficult, and only once is pretty disgusting work home.
The photo above is commercially available fold "COMPETITION". Sidewall tread in gray(There are various variations, the base) is black. "Lightweight" version compared to thesoft impression, this model will have a flavor. My frame of Koch may be more apposite.

Lightweight tire

"TUFO" as a road tire is the lightest "Elite Jet <160g" isWeight is 160 grams less thanthe product name 違Wazu.

Are among the carbon wheels fitted with low profile with a climbing tiresThesurprisingly sturdy and durable than you think because you have thick rubber at thecenter servingI think the tire enough to withstand everyday use in this weightGiven at least 10 bar air pressure (atmospheric pressure to 15) to manage the said floor pumpalso: What is a little tight.

The standard tires used as it is the favorite "Continental COMPETITION" because thelight seems to be no light would be expected by comparison with actualThe residencewould have been made 腰砕Ke very thin sidewalls just pretty light weight. Poor rollingfairly well used in high pressure does not improveLong-life "Elite 100g" felt called.

"TUFO" The weight is almost the same "S3 Litte <165g" (bottom photo) What is there to say wellhere is still on-road driving because of the rapid decline that statement to say that thin tread for truck 一応 say and feel forAlso, especially for punk is not considered.In addition to the assigned weight weave that in order to run the bank (?) I think you havetaken from a wide treadThe fluorescent yellow sidewalls clean.

talking on the headset

Recently, a system of road racer "Ax-lightness Zeus" I lowered the forks have enoughspare length of the column at the retrofit, and discard the original fork is handy becauseit's all too good I'm looking for a headset.

Assembly at the time, stood first in the lightweight parts industry "m2 racer" world's lightest headset of the first plastic (39 grams), the second generation of aluminum (37grams, pictured above) and also tried. These two products have become a big factor 曰Ku付Ki been closed down by the manufacturer to recover after the Depository, to use a decent level but unfortunately not both, were very dangerous. Enough to slide the forkand put power back before pulling the brake lever. (Stock was in the house "m2 racer"because I got to replace the saddle and pedals to fold equivalent of closure does notown.)

Now after this thing is a trusted brand "Chris King" performance is so 居Ru usinglightweight parts, but no complaints 20 years ago but now are not truly 重Ta too. Whatcandidates want to choose something that will light if the two long-awaited bottom.

"Cane Creek AER.TR": skip the one bearing, and a Teflon bushing 46 grams
"KCNC Morion M3": 44.5 grams of ceramic bearings used

居Ru 賑Wase the world by creating a frame of bamboo and other truss "BME" from theold ultra-lightweight headset (Ceramic: 50 grams, the Bush formula, 43 grams) but has gone out, the height highly likely candidate because it is outside.

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BSNYC Friday Foot Quiz! (And Away-Going Announcement)

Monday, September 19th is a very special day. Why? Because that will be the date of my next blog post!

Yes, that's right, circumstances require that as of today I take temporary leave of this blog until Monday, September 19th, at which point I will return with regular updates. This leave has been in the offing for quite some time, so don't act all surprised about it, even though I haven't mentioned a thing about it on this blog until just now. Also, I won't bore you with what I'll be doing during my leave, though I can confirm that I will not be doing any of the following:

--Going to Interbike
--Going to Eurobike
--Going to the Vuelta a España
--Going to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp™
--Getting an adult Bar Mitzvah

In my absence, I suggest that you follow my Twittering account just in case I have important news to relate, such as my consumption and enjoyment of a particularly tasty brand of corn chip that I think you might also like to try. (Where's that check, Doritos people?) And speaking of Twitter, a fellow Tweeterer recently alerted me to the existence of this:

It would appear that someone is trying to achieve a sort of arch McSweeney's-meets-Cycle-Chic effect by combining photos of models on bicycles with prose like this:

When piloting your velocipede it is imperative that you consider prudence, modesty, and decorum at all times, lest you be sanctioned by local law-keepers for improper attire. For, you see, high moral conduct is the chief concern of our metropolitan constabulary, and young women on bicycles must bear in mind the moral weakness of pedestrians as they navigate our sin-besotted conurbation.

In other words, don't ride with your ass crack showing.

As for the so-called "Brooklyn Magazine" itself, I had never come across it before, but the following video they've produced is a pretty good summation of the current state of affairs:

Brooklyn Magazine Promo from Louis Gruber on Vimeo.

Yes, Brooklyn does have many faces, and they make you want to grab them by their patterned scarves and shout horrible, horrible things into them.

In any event, pending my return, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz. As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer. If you're right you'll feel inexplicably tingly, and if you're wrong you'll hear a song.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and I look forward to "seeing" you when I return on September 19th.

--Wildcat Rocking Chair

(You can't tell from the picture, but it's pretty wild.)

1) The speed at which a retrogrouch goes "Woo hoo!" is:

(Off to a foffing good start.)

2) There is only one Dmitry Fofonov.



“But with the miles, the pain from the hole in my perineum got stronger."

3) Who said this?

4) This $5,500 titanium and belt-driven commuter:

5) Do police officers hate cyclists?


6) To this day, nothing gets attention in Williamsburg like a nice set of:

7) Hooray! It's ________:

***Special Health-Themed Bonus Question!***

In addition to exposing the dangers of excessive groin and ass use, this graphic also quantifies the importance of:

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Lashing Out: Apparently Everybody Hates Everybody

Remember the Great New York City Bicycle Crackdown of 2011, when cyclists were getting tickets for laughably minor offenses such as mismatched tires, poor taintal hygiene, and having tiny pieces of spinach lodged between their teeth? Well, in the waning days of summer it may seem like all this happened a lifetime ago, but for those who received those $575 spinach summonses the pain is still all too real. (I'll never eat a spinach omelette ever again.) And now, "Reclaim," the Transportation Alternatives member magazine, has published an interview with a cycling police officer known only as "Officer X" in which he reveals the truth about the NYPD and cyclists (via Gothamist):

The biggest revelation is something I've long suspected, which is that pretty much everything is Critical Mass's fault:

Let's get right down to it: Do police officers hate cyclists?

No. But a lot of things have changed since the Critical Mass incident in 2007, when that rookie cop pushed a cyclist off his bike in Times Square. Now whenever an officer views a cyclist, he immediately associates them with Critical Mass riders and that incident. Even when I ride my bike to the precinct, I get that: “You riding Critical Mass? You one of them?”

Thank you, Critical Mass, for screwing us all with your dildo of self-righteousness.

But wait, there's more! "Officer X" also tells us how exactly to run a red light without fear of reprisal:

We've got about 10,000 subscribers, many of whom are cyclists in New York City. As an officer, and a cyclist, is there anything you would like to tell them?

As a beat cop speaking to cyclists, I would say to follow the law so you have nothing to worry about. As a cyclist speaking to a beat cop, I'd say sometimes it makes more sense to look both ways and coast through a red light.

If a cyclist should ride to a light, see that no one is coming and proceed cautiously, why not? But from an officer's perspective, that is too messy. What if a vehicle comes out of nowhere? How long did the cyclist look to each side? Did they actually come to a complete stop? Was he rolling? It would be impossible to make something so subjective stick in court.

If you must, though, here's a way to safely blow a red light: ride up to it, look both ways, then get of your bike and walk through the intersection, then get back on. No self-respecting cop is going to write a jaywalker.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to work, because while no self-respecting cop is going to ticket a jaywalker, no self-respecting cyclist is going to walk his bicycle through an intersection either. However, I see people on motor scooters do it all the time, which is probably because people who ride motor scooters are already deficient in self-respect.

And best of all, whether you cycle, drive, walk, or putter around on a motor scooter, you can do whatever the hell you want now anyway, because according to "Officer X" apparently they're no longer giving tickets to anybody:

In the next two to three weeks [late July/early August] you may see a sudden decline in the amount of summonses issued to everyone: cyclists, motorists, everybody.

Let the insanity begin!

Speaking of insanity, now that the fixed-gear is finally falling out of favor among New York City cyclists, I've noticed a new form of idiotic intersection behavior that is rapidly filling the void left by the trackstand. Here's how it works:

1) Approach a heavily-trafficked intersection without slowing down at all;

2) Ride right through the red light;

3) When you're almost hit by a honking car, come to an abrupt stop and put down a single foot;

4) As traffic continues to roar past you, awkwardly push yourself the rest of the way through the intersection with that single foot like an elderly crab with a walker.

I don't understand the thought process behind this idiotic behavior, but I've seen it at pretty much every red light I've encountered this week. My best guess is that as fixed-gear riders transition to bicycles that coast they still don't understand how brakes work, and so when trouble arises their first instinct is to put their feet down Fred Flinstone style.

Meanwhile, in Kalamazoo, Michigan (a place that, to my surprise, actually exists outside of cartoons), a reader informs me that, instead of running down cyclists, drivers are "cutting out the middle man" as it were and driving right into the bike shops:

So far the authorities are at a loss as to what happened:

There is no word yet on what caused the driver to crash into the building.

Though I hope they're investigating the theory that the motor vehicle operator is a complete and utter moron.

Of course, something like this could never happen in Portland--or could it? Apparently not every Portlander is a bike-humping smugmonger, for a reader recently forwarded the following photo:

In which one car owner makes his thoughts on cycling quite clear:

As it happens, the car would appear to belong to somebody involved with a shop called "DynaSport," and their website describes their enterprise thusly:

DynaSport was founded by enthusiasts to serve enthusiasts. There’s something special about BMW’s and MINI’s, and we believe there should be something special about the way your vehicle is serviced as well. As BMW and MINI owners ourselves, we understand what’s behind the wheel.

I'm pretty sure I understand what's behind the wheel too, and that would be a raging douchebag.

In any case, with all the anti-cycling sentiment out there, it's no wonder that some of us feel persecuted. One way to deal with this is to band together and form rides like Critical Mass, which only serve to make the situation worse. Or, another way is to channel all your rage into a gruesomely violent "hilpster" revenge fantasy, as in this short film to which I was alerted by another reader:

Human Cop Killer from jay dougrey on Vimeo.

In it, we see a rider who's a member of the "trying to be scary" hilpster subset:

As he rides around, he performs stupid hilpster tricks such as skidding into pedestrians so that they're forced to admire the expensive crabon disc wheel he bought on eBay:

Then, he stops to drink a wine cooler:

After which he is denied entry into his favorite brunch spot by a bouncer who looks like Kevin Bacon on HGH:

This makes him so mad that he sprints wildly--though not so wildly that he's able to overcome his fear of using the drops:

In fact, the thought of riding in the drops scares him so much that it makes him vomit:

Two and a half wine coolers later, a driver starts honking at him because he is riding like a upper-echelon idiot:

So he gets off his bike and confronts the motorist:

And then stabs him to death with his Bartles & Jaymes, leaving the rest of us to wonder what in Lob's name we just watched:

The moral of the story, of course is this: Fixed-gear riders really shouldn't try to look tough, since the "fierce kitten" effect almost always causes it to backfire.

(Leader of the "Hellkrew" will give you the scratching of a lifetime.)

I'd like to see the wine cooler-swigging Hellkrew guy try his antics in New York, where I've just been informed you're lucky to finish your ride without getting brained by packs of teenagers:

I'm pretty sure that once the debris started flying the Hellkrew would immediately cower in the nearest brunch spot, and if nothing else this story adds yet another dimension to the eternal helment argument. Mostly though, I'm relieved that the rider wasn't injured more seriously, and I'll also add that if you haven't had a hard object hurled at you while traveling in a car, on a bike, or on foot in New York City, then you probably haven't lived here very long. Or else you're very, very scary looking.

Speaking of things that look scary, a reader in Washington, DC recently spotted this:

Coincidentally, this is exactly what your ejaculate looks like under a microscope after you've eaten an entire bag of Skittles.

Even scarier is this homemade recumbent spotted by a reader in Sacramento:

Given the situation in New York City these days, if you ride a recumbent in Brooklyn you should probably wear a goalie mask.

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