Thursday, 6 October 2011

No. 1 lightweight in the world (?) M2 racer Eagle Saddle

Perhaps still the world's lightest saddle, "m2 racer" of "Eagle" little weight is 39 grams.

It was the lightest boasted "Schmolke seat post TLO" (80 grams Diameter 31.6mm, and the current model are different ways of clamping) a combination, we still use it. This kind of saddle is very broken and it is said, four years later is still active. I have quite a hardseat, "assos" light blue pads "S5" on the ass so sore it keeps me stepping on the crankis not hard wearing. While the paddle is slippery ass out, stick to steady it as the seat isquite right Repan moisture from the body and a little run.

More than that now shape the post is straight so there is no lowering the saddle,consider changing to a type that had been so many setbacks be folded with the rear endof the saddle to ride your ass recently is inside. Candidate, "Ax.2200" But the weight isnow and may remain so.

 "Schmolke TLO" seat post will at least draw the line there during part of the maximumextension length is about 5 cm. Mark given by considering the convenience of users ofaluminum as a general post, but rather than tighten it does not stand up to it is extremely thin. Using such a cut unwanted parts bought at the time of introduction is not longer.
Recommended tightening torque using 3Nm in mounting paste limit is 5Nm.

Compex (Equipment EMS) increase in muscle

"Compex" says exercise increases muscle strength without the voluntary, just "waiting Temashita" EMS training equipment was introduced in 2006 as an "electrical muscle stimulation" is a device for.
The output of the muscle by command from the brain, regardless of the strength of will, but is limited, muscle contraction by electrical stimulation from an external force (increasing the current) Not more than it can be easily In his will say that it has achieved such a high load of training can not be absolute, such that the aircraft seemed to own the rolling Saborita make it.
Before the introduction of a speculation, but it was supposed to measure the increase in bicycle use various muscles while processing your work email, etc., to other things and it hurts like crazy but you can try is concentrated not. You just have to watch TV 関No山 best. It takes 30 minutes plus 1 menu, not to say there is also hard not go here.
You are easy to remain patient even if the heart also hurts Well, who can not continue to be innovative in their muscles contract about writing a sweat never seen there is no doubt. The effect is a thicker muscle in a short time in the immediacy, the more strength.However, if trained at all this is probably normal in strength training and cardio resynthesis of ATP and growth should follow, and not even worry about what I like does not improve tolerance to lactic acid. You might have a negative effect on endurance dropped or lowered fuel economy (whether this concern is correct do not know, so "POWERbreathe" What is not introduced.)
Early models of the type I "SPORTS" is a product called, so I stop using it too often was a loose cable from just about buying. I asked where in the cycle mode for the next year of reflection, "(appears to be solid and look 居Ru) 差Shitara want you to pull out immediately once the lose-body-side connector" was explained. The current model is "Performance" on behalf of said residence, also different cable model number (which is also nearly identical look and schemes) to connector maybe it will be 居Ru have been made better?
I try to restart in a strengthening leg muscles for pulling cable and carefully excavated after a long time I was wearing a long dirt? We think.

m2 racer bottle cage, 7 g measured

I thought I better not much different from any light it anyway Nantes lightly bottle cage,was reasonably light weight (7 g each) were paper-thin "m2 racer" I got a bottle cage.(Sorry for the old bed.)

Lighter than those made ​​by others in which I have to not Subon Toka downward shapeof the bottle, and Toka array Dattari extremely pleasing and I chose this line yet sufficiently safe Nada However, the product was flawed in various parts honest.

The main problem that prevented from entering the bottle is mounted in the cap bolt andbolt head (!) As well. I do not have steps to ensure the clearance of the bottle cagemounted on the ordinary. Likeness even get in the way the thickness of the derailleurhanger on the seat tube. Shavings as thin as possible and nylon washers sounavoidable, and was fitted with a wrench to be able to tighten the cap bolt head byscraping of the aluminum. (Will be shaved and out of print because when the bottle.)Tools and then the bolt was in the air.

Too bad I ran out and easy to use, not to say that despite the surprisingly bottle design,and dancing to rock from side to side and on the bad roads or put something in any case without the stiffness, crush the strong direction would apply force and cracking. Youcan retrofit one.

The past can not be recommended because of vibration while driving off a thousandruns and put the water may be tried mounting bolt with nylon.

Tune Skyline skewer, measured 17.5 g

Method omitted to lighten the wheel quick release lever from the old "Gonzo (closure)", "m2 racer (closure)," etc., and some manufacturers incorporate residence, became theera's ultra-lightweight has been achieved. Many models also enhance the effect by attaching special tool to prevent theft and portable.

Still "ATIK" or "OMNI racer" like "m2 racer" and the copy model, which can tighten thehexagon wrench 5mm "DELTA", etc., but has circulated many products, the light of the most that this is likely the "Tune Skyline". Measured before and after the set is 17.5 grams.

The amateur is not a translation 居Ru people who come running with a spare wheel buta puncture, "at the Quick" is enough now need a tremendous force to tighten the turn with a wrench in order to not use the leverage file (the spanner rather poor) and that, likethe nerve to use the tightening wasted quite right place, at ease 今一Tsu, causing the wheel to the annoying installation and removal.

Now the "power crank" to turn, and for unsorted not wear roller wheels and one day forthe same "Tune" version of the OE wheel manufacturer made ​​"AC 14" has beenconveniently used to. Koch is around 49 grams. (Near photo. I have seen on the back 居Ru "Skyline")

Various titanium chain

Titanium bicycle chain, more than a decade ago "Viking" Manufacturers of America says(which seems recently collapsed) and a residence for out Shimano 8 speed from the photo above, this link at 106 231 g . But this model is not on its side for use in a derailleuror residence because there is a link pin pops out from the plate is not only "track" was assaid. To use or even try I end up shaving the links one by one pin must not protrude, Iturned to leave the warehouse.

German "Wippermann" issued by the "Connex 10TR" is a chain made ​​of titanium limited edition that appeared in a long time yet, here you can use a bicycle transmission withenough of the right and left to become slightly less. 226 g at 106 links, and also verybeautiful finish. "Viking" can also simply link pin is stainless steel.

Popular in the streets claiming the lightest "KMC" of Taiwan's manufacturers say"X10SL" is "TiN (Titanium nitro-id) coated" steel chain with 230 grams is not the samenumber of links made ​​of titanium. Strictly speaking, "Connex 10TR" lightest so lightweightlittle bit better as the chaining steel that is not on the lightweight enough, the Shimano"Dura-Ace" impression and secure place What is the manufacturer of the chain aregiven. "Connex" rough finish is a little more.

At present, Taiwan also "Yaban" so that the 218 g measured at 106 link chain seems to be titanium issued by the manufacturers say, in what 居Ru in circulation is probably this will lightest. The item description is "lubricating oil-impregnated ※" was not sung, butbecause of the oil-bearing titanium never heard of it, if this is true is with considerableinterest. Toka is also twice as common in the chain of life in quietness. However, speedis limited to 10.

Titanium [Yaban (hopefully) - Chain specs
Dimension: 1 / 2 "x11/128"
Speed ​​of Sprocket: 10
Weight: 210grams/110L
Pin Length: 5.9mm
Special Material: Self-Lubricating Chain Material
Enhanced Durability: Twice as long as a normal chain Noiseless
Lubricating oil content ※: iron is the oldest technology, we'll have pre-impregnated with alubricant in the metal sliding parts, lubrication technology that eliminates the need forsuch extreme lubrication speaking.

• Photos from the "Viking Titanium", "Connex 10TR", "KMC X10 SL"

Schmolke Carbon bolts made ​​of

"Schmolke" on "Carbon Screw" is beautifully finished third party than has been the headshape include various stocks sizes from M6 to M4. Variation of the length of the pack is a little long is very simple.

居Ru M5 are often used by bicycle, however (right) and I noticed that very few places where I can obtain and use, but not a lot of momentum left over are allowed only up tothe tightening torque is 1.5Nm. On the other hand "OK with if" part is like a lighter-weightnylon bolts (left), it would serve well in the practical and Kurenai is a little more durableWhat is still felt.

The seat post and stem hangers, used to handle in the NG is not even trying, of course,might go? I was useless and I tried the fixing of the front derailleur and derailleur hangerwire, "PowerCordz" is fixed.

Normal bottle cage fixed to the fixed pulley useable. A brake shoe fixed to withstandsurprisingly, the front ones on the market that is scary because there are many I do noteven use aluminum. The Toka derailleur adjustment bolt any more small things I could use that size is currently not sufficient.

Nylon bolts, Toka for closing holes in the case that requires only one bottle cage, under the lead wires fixed BB, etc. used to secure the mounting bracket and light machinecycle. Can not stand to secure the bottle cage.

Retrofits to the lightweight bolt

Weight and determine the width of the direct operation of the derailleur is wondering weave a little different from previous "limit screw". What have reason to do anything but just weave Phillips is here?
In the relay race, the scene may be projected 居Ru alongside the car and adjust it while riding a bike mechanic, what's a request from service under conditions instability may say so? But no such a thing is like just because it is simply because the specifications of a Phillips screwdriver MTB derailleur as well ... which should not.
What you say only there but the driver development brought out by hexagon wrench handle almost any other screws, so that his troublesome applications are closed Hexagon replaced front and rear support. Front (pictured above) is made of aluminum, the rear (pictured below) have put their heads shaved a little more durable titanium so that the head is too large to fit aluminum. This also reduces carrying tools.
Generally lighter and bolts "Iron" → "Titanium" → "Aluminum" → (carbon) makes use of the material by changing the density difference. I was happy with the weight of one step is small, you get quite come to mind can retrofit or genuine aluminum steel screws. Is also very attractive place to go and say less rusting parts. Another hand I have found still say adoption of the hollow bolt. This was aimed at three years longer be crushed 居Ru been closed off since the site 居Ru home.
Campagnolo Record (10S) For a full set of bolts can be replaced with something lighter than a genuine relatively easy, washers, axles, other parts in about 40 different specialty, total 155 hybrid aluminum / titanium grams or 170 grams and that's all titanium. (Pedal aside, it is slightly larger numbers also include a hub shaft 居Ru Toka seat post screw.)
9 parts of aluminum in the front derailleur is a negative one only 1-2 grams. And has little real effect because a large part of the retrofit compared to the front and said, in effect at one location is quite small everywhere, it still Kaki集Mere whole set is made of genuine bolt main steel So overlook is about 100 grams lighter than the. (In my case, not using so much the exact location and Campagnolo components made tight weave that has been slightly changed from the end is unknown.)

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