Thursday, 23 June 2011

Desain Sepeda Fixie Frame Putih

Desain Sepeda Fixie Frame Putih

Desain Sepeda Fixie Frame Putih

First let me add my name to the account and acknowledge you for advancement such an accomplished and alarming site. I analysis it out at atomic a brace of times a week. Here's a photo of my latest bike that I achievement you'll add to the gallery. If I'm not mistaken it will be your aboriginal Ganwell Pro. I alive in Japan so I had the anatomy fabricated at the branch in Kyoto for appreciably beneath than I could of bought it in North America. The blow is mostly NJS accustomed $.25 except for the Miche hubs, which I acquired through ebay and the Selcof bench column I best up at my bounded bike shop. The confined and axis are Nitto, the crank is a Sugino 75, and the rims are Mavic Open Pros. The basal bracket and angle came with the anatomy and are both Hatta Swan. No breaks; but I anticipate the cops actuality will eventually ask me to put one on. I'm a bit of an aberration benumbed this about on the street; anybody actuality rides these big abundant "oba-chan" or granny bikes. I accept one of those as well, which is my abutting anchored project.


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