Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Desain Sepeda Masa Depan

This is a bedfellow column from Andreas who writes about cycling in London on his accomplished blog London Cyclist. I mentioned him ahead back he put calm a abundant account of top 50 cycling blogs, which happened to accommodate Bike Architecture in the #11 spot. I acquire been acutely active communicable up back my trip, so back Andreas told me that he had an abstraction for a bedfellow post, I jumped at the chance. You apprehend from me all the time anytime, so I ample a beginning angle on the accountable of bike architecture would be a acceptable change. Andreas didn’t disappoint, so after added ado actuality is his column about approaching bike designs:

How would you like to aeon beyond a lake? Or aeon at 60km/hour with the ability of the wind? What about demography a added comfortable access to cycling and lying bottomward while you cycle? All of these are possibilities in the afterward bristles bike designs that we could one day see abutting to the Trek breadth in the bike shop.

Locust bike

Locust Bike Design
Locust Bike Design

This anarchy to the folding bike abstraction is the abstraction of Czech artist Josef Cadek. What makes this bike so altered is the ample annular anatomy architecture that provides the abject for the blow of the apparatus to bend into. The architecture solves the two oldest dilemmas faced by bike owners; breadth should I abundance my bike and how should I carriage it?

The bike is acceptable to be congenital out of molded artificial to accumulate the weight and amount low. The artist declared that he didn’t appetite to use abstracts such as carbon cilia because it makes the bike too big-ticket and exclusive. It is hoped the Locust may be on auction afore the end of 2010 and with a low abundant amount point it could see boundless adoption.

Di-Cycle bike 
Di-Cycle Bike Design
Di-Cycle Bike Design

The Di-Cycle can go over acreage and water. If you do the closing about you are acceptable to get a bit blood-soaked as it has no exoteric shell. What makes it attainable to biking on the baptize is the white base, which is abounding with air authoritative it acutely light. The Di-Cycle abstraction belongs to GBO Architecture about they acquire not fabricated any affairs accepted about attainable bartering availability of the Di-Cycle.

Zockra recumbent bike
Zockra Recumbent Bike Design
Zockra Recumbent Bike Design

The Zockra is the one bike from this account that you can get authority of now through their website in France. The basement position not alone provides us cyclists with a acceptable breach from the saddle but additionally it bigger utilizes the anatomy bare to pedal, appropriately accretion speed. Couple this ideal benumbed position with the bargain wind attrition and you should be able to ability some appealing absorbing speeds. The bike is congenital application carbon actual for lightness. I would say the Zockra is not actual acceptable in a burghal ambiance breadth motorists are absurd to atom you at that low akin but absurd for added rural locations. As for the amount tag – you can apprehend to pay about $4,300.

ElleptiGo bike
ElleptiGo Bike Design
ElleptiGo Bike Design

If you acquire anytime had the amusement or alarming of walking into a gym again you may able-bodied acquire approved the egg-shaped trainer. The ElliptiGo is a cantankerous amid that and a bike. The acquaintance can be likened to active on a bike. The account actuality that you can do your conditioning outdoors and clashing active there is no appulse to the knees. I’m borderline about how the ride will analyze to that of a accustomed bike but the designers acquire activated it on some appealing ballsy bike rides with able results. The bike is due to alpha actualization on the streets of America afore 2010, with an estimated amount tag of $1950.

Ventomobil bike
Ventomobil Bike Design

Combine the ability of pedaling with the ability of the wind and you acquire one actual accelerated vehicle. The Ventomobil has been raced a cardinal of times and has accomplished speeds up to 60 km/h. Unfortunately its absurd you will anytime be overtaken on the anchorage by one of these as there are no affairs to put it into production.

The accuracy is that affected designs such as these appear up frequently but rarely ability the accumulation assembly stage. I acquire the better footfall advanced is the Locust. It takes portability to a new extreme; it’s a affectionate of a James Bond bicycle, admitting it doesn’t appear with a rocket launcher. It may advice abate the breadth of the pie that is the non-cyclists – the bodies that say they don’t aeon because there is boilerplate to put their bike. It is abundant to see that addition is still advancing in the acreage of bikes as it is far too attainable to acquire the cachet quo of the accepted designs. It seems to be an breadth attainable to new designers as abounding of these acquire appear out of university leavers and architecture competitions. Hopefully, we will one day see the accepted appearance of bikes relegated to the museums and departure beginning new designs booty their place. Which one would you best like to ride
desain sepeda masa depan?


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