Thursday, 6 October 2011

Continental COMPETITION "Lightweight"

The photo above is "Lightweight" manufacture wheels, Weaving and selling "Carbon Sports" sold by "Lightweight" version signature. What is there to say a special lighter than general products unfortunately, tread, sidewall, all-black fearless impressive loincloth. Initially, the 22mm "COMPETITION" was seen, and now "PODIUM", and 19mm models "Continental" has it all's high performance tubular. "Lightweight" and put on the wheel is a bit noisy in the vertical line of wheels and tires are the same logo.
Since his bike ride as a hobby 居Ru, something "for the battle" or "practice" accounts for most of the time to say or "only," said Nantes dare use any of the favorite day of the very sacrilegious I think the "tire may be possible to use light and" always looking for variety and try.
That being said, the streets are only for high-performance carbon tubular wheels are still many (even among Tubular) Nevertheless, the price leader in the tire manufacturers as well as understated across the board is already moving to clincher, the latest version of the two At the same time there 味Waenai the status quo is fine but I do not have much choice ....
Had not arrived at all but raised on the novelty "Continental COMPETITION". Otherwise everything in this Konashimasu Toka up only. 235g is about 19mm, about 265g and is 22mm, "TUFO" and this is seen running with quite heavy compared to the tires (especially 22mm more) 転Garimasu quite lightly. No complaints for me the grip.Standard tire more easily as I do not think raising fine. And weight is bad for a little bit disappointed with points, this is where you can put up to offset the performance of others. Put on the rim of the tire is extremely difficult, and only once is pretty disgusting work home.
The photo above is commercially available fold "COMPETITION". Sidewall tread in gray(There are various variations, the base) is black. "Lightweight" version compared to thesoft impression, this model will have a flavor. My frame of Koch may be more apposite.


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