Thursday, 6 October 2011

Retrofits to the lightweight bolt

Weight and determine the width of the direct operation of the derailleur is wondering weave a little different from previous "limit screw". What have reason to do anything but just weave Phillips is here?
In the relay race, the scene may be projected 居Ru alongside the car and adjust it while riding a bike mechanic, what's a request from service under conditions instability may say so? But no such a thing is like just because it is simply because the specifications of a Phillips screwdriver MTB derailleur as well ... which should not.
What you say only there but the driver development brought out by hexagon wrench handle almost any other screws, so that his troublesome applications are closed Hexagon replaced front and rear support. Front (pictured above) is made of aluminum, the rear (pictured below) have put their heads shaved a little more durable titanium so that the head is too large to fit aluminum. This also reduces carrying tools.
Generally lighter and bolts "Iron" → "Titanium" → "Aluminum" → (carbon) makes use of the material by changing the density difference. I was happy with the weight of one step is small, you get quite come to mind can retrofit or genuine aluminum steel screws. Is also very attractive place to go and say less rusting parts. Another hand I have found still say adoption of the hollow bolt. This was aimed at three years longer be crushed 居Ru been closed off since the site 居Ru home.
Campagnolo Record (10S) For a full set of bolts can be replaced with something lighter than a genuine relatively easy, washers, axles, other parts in about 40 different specialty, total 155 hybrid aluminum / titanium grams or 170 grams and that's all titanium. (Pedal aside, it is slightly larger numbers also include a hub shaft 居Ru Toka seat post screw.)
9 parts of aluminum in the front derailleur is a negative one only 1-2 grams. And has little real effect because a large part of the retrofit compared to the front and said, in effect at one location is quite small everywhere, it still Kaki集Mere whole set is made of genuine bolt main steel So overlook is about 100 grams lighter than the. (In my case, not using so much the exact location and Campagnolo components made tight weave that has been slightly changed from the end is unknown.)


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