Thursday, 6 October 2011

Compex (Equipment EMS) increase in muscle

"Compex" says exercise increases muscle strength without the voluntary, just "waiting Temashita" EMS training equipment was introduced in 2006 as an "electrical muscle stimulation" is a device for.
The output of the muscle by command from the brain, regardless of the strength of will, but is limited, muscle contraction by electrical stimulation from an external force (increasing the current) Not more than it can be easily In his will say that it has achieved such a high load of training can not be absolute, such that the aircraft seemed to own the rolling Saborita make it.
Before the introduction of a speculation, but it was supposed to measure the increase in bicycle use various muscles while processing your work email, etc., to other things and it hurts like crazy but you can try is concentrated not. You just have to watch TV 関No山 best. It takes 30 minutes plus 1 menu, not to say there is also hard not go here.
You are easy to remain patient even if the heart also hurts Well, who can not continue to be innovative in their muscles contract about writing a sweat never seen there is no doubt. The effect is a thicker muscle in a short time in the immediacy, the more strength.However, if trained at all this is probably normal in strength training and cardio resynthesis of ATP and growth should follow, and not even worry about what I like does not improve tolerance to lactic acid. You might have a negative effect on endurance dropped or lowered fuel economy (whether this concern is correct do not know, so "POWERbreathe" What is not introduced.)
Early models of the type I "SPORTS" is a product called, so I stop using it too often was a loose cable from just about buying. I asked where in the cycle mode for the next year of reflection, "(appears to be solid and look 居Ru) 差Shitara want you to pull out immediately once the lose-body-side connector" was explained. The current model is "Performance" on behalf of said residence, also different cable model number (which is also nearly identical look and schemes) to connector maybe it will be 居Ru have been made better?
I try to restart in a strengthening leg muscles for pulling cable and carefully excavated after a long time I was wearing a long dirt? We think.


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