Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lightweight tire

"TUFO" as a road tire is the lightest "Elite Jet <160g" isWeight is 160 grams less thanthe product name 違Wazu.

Are among the carbon wheels fitted with low profile with a climbing tiresThesurprisingly sturdy and durable than you think because you have thick rubber at thecenter servingI think the tire enough to withstand everyday use in this weightGiven at least 10 bar air pressure (atmospheric pressure to 15) to manage the said floor pumpalso: What is a little tight.

The standard tires used as it is the favorite "Continental COMPETITION" because thelight seems to be no light would be expected by comparison with actualThe residencewould have been made 腰砕Ke very thin sidewalls just pretty light weight. Poor rollingfairly well used in high pressure does not improveLong-life "Elite 100g" felt called.

"TUFO" The weight is almost the same "S3 Litte <165g" (bottom photo) What is there to say wellhere is still on-road driving because of the rapid decline that statement to say that thin tread for truck 一応 say and feel forAlso, especially for punk is not considered.In addition to the assigned weight weave that in order to run the bank (?) I think you havetaken from a wide treadThe fluorescent yellow sidewalls clean.


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