Thursday, 6 October 2011

m2 racer bottle cage, 7 g measured

I thought I better not much different from any light it anyway Nantes lightly bottle cage,was reasonably light weight (7 g each) were paper-thin "m2 racer" I got a bottle cage.(Sorry for the old bed.)

Lighter than those made ​​by others in which I have to not Subon Toka downward shapeof the bottle, and Toka array Dattari extremely pleasing and I chose this line yet sufficiently safe Nada However, the product was flawed in various parts honest.

The main problem that prevented from entering the bottle is mounted in the cap bolt andbolt head (!) As well. I do not have steps to ensure the clearance of the bottle cagemounted on the ordinary. Likeness even get in the way the thickness of the derailleurhanger on the seat tube. Shavings as thin as possible and nylon washers sounavoidable, and was fitted with a wrench to be able to tighten the cap bolt head byscraping of the aluminum. (Will be shaved and out of print because when the bottle.)Tools and then the bolt was in the air.

Too bad I ran out and easy to use, not to say that despite the surprisingly bottle design,and dancing to rock from side to side and on the bad roads or put something in any case without the stiffness, crush the strong direction would apply force and cracking. Youcan retrofit one.

The past can not be recommended because of vibration while driving off a thousandruns and put the water may be tried mounting bolt with nylon.


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