Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Desain Modifikasi Sepeda Elektrik

Unique electric bicycle, eSpire name, German tech. bike with this hybrid concept, which has an electric motor which is equipped with a battery and can also use this pedal has a shape like the off road bikes.

This bike is equipped with an electric motor capable 1.2kW/48V gives a torque of 150Nm. Battery with a capacity of 820 Wh capable at this time the 1,500 recharges complete power to the electric motor.

In all charges (requires 3 hours to full) could cover the distance 65Km, and if the pedal can be assisted using a distance of 90km.
This bike has 2 versions. Street Legal and Off Road. The difference lies in its top speed only. For Street Legal speednya top 45km / h and for off-road capable of up to 65km / h.
For aluminum frame, full suspension from Marzocchi.
For the acceleration uses up to 14 speed internal hub of the Rohloff.

For cost about 7,000 euros.

Desain Modifikasi Sepeda Elektrik 


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