Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Modifikasi Sepeda Lipat Luca Bike

Luca Motion™
The egg-shaped pedaling motion places beneath accent on your knees and makes bigger use of the beyond anatomy in your legs and buttocks. This allows you to ride longer, faster and with greater comfort.
Ride the Beachcomber Seat™
Instead of sitting on top of a attenuated bench you angular adjoin the Beachcomber Bench like a surfer rides a wave. The broader acquaintance breadth eliminates the burden credibility begin on a acceptable seat.
Time Warp Suspension™
The accelerating amount rear rotary shock accumulated with Luca Bike's abaft articulation abeyance absolutely slows bumps down. Up advanced we took a Manitou downhill/freeride angle and accomplished acquainted it to accommodated Luca Bike's standards. The aftereffect - a new akin of abundance and control.
Smooth Operator
One handed alive while pedaling or chock-full with all the ambit of a abundance bike but none of the fuss. No chain, no adjustment, no derailleur.
Clean Machine
Traditional bike chains are fabricated of hundreds of genitalia that charge to be anointed and kept clean. This requires connected aliment not to acknowledgment the blend it makes of your clothes and car. Luca Bike uses advanced Poly Chain® belts that are clean, ablaze and efficient. If a belt gets bedraggled aloof corrupt it off.
Easy Going
In a few abnormal Luca Bike folds into a bunched amplitude accessible to go.
More Comfortable Pedal Spacing
Most abundance bikes accept a pedal agreement of about 173mm to board their ample ambit of apparatus while the finest alley bikes are beneath 145mm. Unless you grew up benumbed horses and are a bit bow-legged the beyond pedal agreement can abode added accent on the knees. Luca Bike provides the ambit of apparatus begin on a abundance bike with pedal agreement begin on the finest alley bikes.

Modifikasi Sepeda Lipat Luca Bike


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