Monday, 21 March 2011

Electric Bike 2011

I accept been active this anniversary and haven’t been able to anticipate about the blog. I accustomed an absorbing bulletin from an bearding clairvoyant in Holland though, that I appetite to bound canyon along:
”In 2002, a accord amid the Delft University of Technology, Gazelle, and Nike resulted in the ‘Mitka’. There is still a Prototype present at the University, and for me it consistently represented how companies and institutions can absorb all-inclusive amounts of money on a activity and aloof let it agilely die in some aphotic corner.

Drymer e-trikes with and afterwards fairings
It seems the Mitka didn’t die though, able-bodied not aloof yet. The abstraction alone afflicted names; it is now alleged the Drymer. Somewhere in a far bend of the Netherlands this affair agilely developed into an about assembly accessible bicycle. They said it would be for auction end of this summer (just in time for backing autumn). Alone nationally oriented, they haven’t agitated to put annihilation in English on their website.

There is a adventitious this affair will be a success afterwards those 10 years and abounding bankruptcies. As of this anniversary ammunition prices in the Netherlands are 1.70 euro/l (=8.75 $/gallon). Forcasts say prices will ascend to 1.90 (9.80) in the months to come, and there is now a government admission for affairs a bike with a roof! The Drymer does accept an electric motor, but by law it can alone biking at 25km/h (15.6 m/h).
I accept alloyed animosity about the Drymer, it would be nice if it offered an another for the car for bodies who don’t aeon now for assorted reasons, but I don’t like the abstraction of these things bottleneck up the aeon lanes like cars did to the alley decades ago, I already brainstorm the curve at the cartage lights with no way of casual them. But I assumption that is aloof Human Nature, absent to accumulate that nice fast lane to ourselves. For the account of everyone, they should aloof accomplish all the streets in the burghal a 35km/h area and additionally up the acceleration of the Drymer to 35km/h so it can allotment the alley with cars, I accept that would be safe abundant for the Drymerist, alike afterwards a helmet, maybe aloof a seatbelt.”

Title = Electric Bike 2011


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