Friday, 4 March 2011

Chrome Vanya Knickers Give-Away

Chrome has sent me a sample of their ladies' Vanya knickers, which unfortunately do not fit me. But my loss could be your gain: If you are a lady with a figure that is less... bottom-heavy than mine, these knickers could be yours. Retail price is $120 and they are made in the USA. Keep reading for my impressions, including sizing and fit.

The Chrome Vanya knickers look like classic capri style 3/4 length pants, with subtle cargo elements. The "blue steel" colour is a pleasant slate gray (that happens to match my curtains), and they are also available in black. The construction is tailored to facilitate movement (lots of darts and curves), with a gusset at the crotch.

The fabric is nylon and spandex. While I can't wear polyester at all, I am fine with nylon/spandex blends against my skin - though I still prefer wool. For comparison, the Rivendell MUSA knickers reviewed earlier are also made of nylon. The Chrome knickers are considerably less shiny and more tailored than those, with heavier fabric.

There are front and rear pockets, including a zipped up cargo pocket

and what looks like a mobile phone compartment.

The stitching is nicely done throughout in a matching thread colour.

Strong button and zip fly closure, again with really nice stitching. Wide belt loops.

The gusset is heart shaped. Don't worry - it's not nearly this noticeable in person; I intentionally unfolded the knickers to show it off.

I was surprised to discovered that on the inside, the gusset is made of a soft, thick, fleecy fabric that gives it a slightly padded feel. There is no information as to what this fabric is, but it feels like synthetic fleece and makes me wonder what these knickers are like to wear in the summer: Won't having a layer of fleece between crotch and saddle cause overheating?

Otherwise, the Chrome Vanya knickers look great, and my only other caveat is the fit. I can't tell you how they look or feel when worn, because I haven't been able to try them on. I asked for a size Small and thought I'd be safe, as my waist measures several inches smaller than what is on their sizing chart for a size Small (I just re-measured to make sure - yup, way smaller). And yet I can't pull the knickers up past my hips. I would say that these knickers will fit you if you are a US size 4 with narrow hips, but not if you have wide hips or a generous behind. I am a size 4 according to Gap and J. Crew with some room to spare, but the Vanyas in size Small don't fit.

So... please use your judgment, and if you think these will fit you, you are welcome to take part in the give-away. To participate, simply leave a comment on this post with "I want them!" and your contact info, and I will select the recipient at random. I also ask that, after receiving the knickers, the recipient follows up with some feedback about them - be it positive or negative (I am especially curious about the fit and the fleecy gusset). I will be accepting entries until Sunday night 11:59pm Eastern Standard time and will announce the recipient on Monday.

Oh and don't worry about me: I'll just cry myself to sleep chanting "I'm not fat, I'm just differently proportioned. Not fat. Different..." Thanks for reading Lovely Bicycle and enjoy your weekend!


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