Monday, 7 March 2011

Modifikasi Sepeda Gunung Listrik

Cycling for recreation, or cycling to work (bike to work), recently became a lifestyle most people in urban areas who want to live healthy. However, sometimes,
recreation or go to the office with a bike that did not make people be healthy, but it becomes unhealthy, especially when he was already in the range of numbers 50.

According to Prof Dr Wolfgang Grotz, the chief doctor Clinic for Internal Medicine II of the Alfried Krupp Hospital, Essen, for people aged 50 years, during exercise, maximum heart rate should not exceed 130 pulses per minute. In principle, one's maximum heart rate during exercise should ideally 180 pulses per minute, minus the age of the person.

The most important thing in endurance sports is cleverly maintaining heart rate at the ideal level, in this case 180 pulses per minute, minus the age of the person concerned.

The problem is, when someone recreation or go to the office by bike, especially when together with other people, often times the maximum heart rate should ideally exceeded. And, if that's the case, might not live a healthy life gained, but a catastrophe.

In that connection Porsche makes a mountain bike hybrid, which will ensure that people with any age can bike to the health. First, an artificial hybrid mountain bike is very lightweight Porsche.

With the frame made of carbon, it did not mountain bike weight to 16 kilograms. Second, rear wheel mountain bike equipped electric motor which provides power to 450 watts, which can help ease the burden of strokes on the pedals.

The electric motor is directly employed, if the sensors detect that the man who pedals a bicycle that require extra power when driving on an uphill road, the electric motor immediately to help rotate the rear wheels. Thus, people who ride bikes can conquer the uphill road with a relaxed and fun.

The electric motor is getting electrical power from lithium battery that is rechargeable (rechargeable). Bottle-shaped battery was attached to the bicycle frame and will be recharged when the bike speeding down the road of decline. In these circumstances a full battery, hybrid mountain bikes cruising distance of the Porsche is more than 50 kilometers.

Not only that, it is also nice mountain bike ride because of the use of four-link suspension at the rear wheels and suspension spring telefork with 100 mm on the front wheels.

Modifikasi Sepeda Gunung Listrik


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