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Tips dan Trik Bermain Atraksi BMX

Tips and tricks this time around will mebahas sports BMX bikes. BMX Seepeda often used for a spectacular attraction, for you who are interested in practicing, studying BMX Tricks BMX you can listen to these tips

Could fly with the aid of a bicycle of course exciting. However, to realize that, they need some basic training.

Ever felt the "fly" using a bicycle Bicycle Motocross (BMX)? If not, then you should try the game BMX Street or Dirt Jump (hereinafter written BMX Street). This type of game requires skill in jumping an obstacle cyclists, and is equipped with a trick. Generally, those obstacles include the following: tabletop, double jump, or jump box. Through the barrier, the rider will jump high, as if flying. Let perfect flying, flying like superman Apply tricks.

However, if you're interested and want menseriusinya, the main thing that must be applied is a basic exercise. "Before playing BMX Street or Dirt Jump, a novice must first understand this type of game," said Asep Tuba, BMX Street players. Furthermore, according to the familiar greeting Apep, novice riders should form the strength of the hands and feet. Formation of the hand and leg strength to withstand shocks aimed at bikes in the air, landing or falling to the ground.

Not only the hands and feet that need to be "sharpened" so that you incarnated as dirtjumper. There is another practice that should be studied. Clearly, the following brief exercise prescription from the kids BMX Street B2ST Bandung, Apep and Aqmal Reza Faizal (Esa).

Hand Strength Train
In studying game Street BMX bikes, absolute hand strength training. The function of the power of that hand will feel when you hold the steering (handlebars). If your hand is strong, mastery or control of the bike while in the air or on land will be stable.

To qualify, the rutinlah push ups and pull ups. Practice every day in your spare time. Or if you have a barbell, lift the load over and over again. Alternatively classified as extreme, according to representative judges Indonesia at the Asian Indoor Games is down the mountain (downhill). With off road through the rocky road, your hands are trained to maintain the balance of the bike. Vibrations generated via the off road will get you a strong hold handlebars.

Leg Strength Train
Legs are trained to maintain body balance while pedaling a bicycle. Another aim to regulate the speed of a bicycle when going through trials. When the distance between the start and the short hurdles, that's where you are required to obtain speed in order to produce high jump.

How to train the legs fairly simple and easy. Apep only suggest to push the bike as often as possible. The more often you menggowes bike, leg strength will gradually arise. But if you think it can be tedious, exercise jogging also enough to help train the legs and of course physical.

Training the Body Flexibility
BMX Street Players are required to have flexibility of the body. It is useful once you're in the air to apply force freestyle. Tricks that you want to remove it later will look soft and beautiful. "If it's flying body flexibility will beautify our tricks. And let me look cool, "said Esa, Dirt Jump 3rd Place Asian Championships 2007 in Bali.

How to train it to start growing in the arena of real courage. But through trials should begin with a short tabletop. "Body protectors must be time to start practicing on the track," Esa advice.

As a beginner, learn the basic tricks first. In Indonesia itself has a lot of basic tricks are adopted from the outside. For example: table top and x-ups. Rutinlah apply. "The most important thing a beginner must focus with a trick first," said Esa.

Good practice How to Fall
In studying the game BMX Freestyle, there's the risk of falling. But that incident was not fatal and dangerous, Apep had a little practice tips. According to him, once you try to remove a bad trick, and will fall, you should not take the weight of your body with the hands or feet. Follow the movement of your fall by rolling forward or sideways. Depending on the direction of the fall.

And as much as possible while falling do with bikes. Dispose of the bike as soon as possible, "said Esa. "But you should still use the protector during practice." Good practice.

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Tips dan Trik Bermain Atraksi BMX


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