Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sepeda Gaul Sepeda Fixie

Fixie bike, bike slang which recently became a trend among young people. Bicycle fixie is a bicycle-style minimalist, fashionable and not complicated and can be modified according to taste their owners. The main uniqueness of Bike Fixie is the absence of brakes like a bike in general. Happens to fixie bikes, bikes with no brakes slang. How is life?

Another distinctive feature of the bike Fixie besides the lack of brakes, also without dynamic rear gear. All made the fix, the wheels spin the pedals go round. Fixie bike brake pedal with just relying on strength to withstand the rate or push the pedal to the back and assisted from the front wheels. Beside that, Fixie bike tires too thin, so light when in genjot. and the other draws on the handlebar. Where Fixie bike handlebar or the handlebar made with perpendicular. Minimalist design characterize this single speed bike.

Well this picture fixie bike surfing results on


And according to the information goceng blogs get, fixie bike prices range from Rp 1.5 million to $ 4 million, and even then depending on the variety of components to be combined / assembled. Heh .. Bicycles were fixie, bike with no brakes and hanging out a little expensive, but comparable to the effects of pollution-free and good for health.

Sepeda Gaul Sepeda Fixie


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