Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sepeda Roda Tiga Keren

As an ardent abundance biker, Marius Hjelmervik capital to assignment on a bike accompanying architecture for his final apprentice activity at the School of Architecture in Arhus, Denmark (where he advised Industrial Design). “Modern bicycles absolutely attending good, and they assignment bigger than ever,” he said. “The way architecture and engineering assignment calm in a absolute symbiosis absolutely appeals to the artist in me.” He didn’t appetite to actualize aloof addition bike though. After alive a bit with affliction aids during his education, Marius became balked with the actuality that abounding of the products, admitting able-bodied engineered, “look like article out of a hospital from the 60′s”. With his final project, he set out to actualize an off-road duke aeon that “looks like a avant-garde bike, with abundant affection and addition experience, but doesn’t amount a year account of income.”

Throughout his absolute project, Marius formed carefully with handbike builders from all over the apple including Mike Augspurger at One-Off Handcycles (USA), and Per Bisgaard from Wolturnus A/S (Denmark). He additionally accustomed admired ascribe on his abstraction from aristocratic handcycling athletes including Jake O’Connor and Seth Arseneau from the US, and Ebbe Blichfelt from Denmark.
Marius called his architecture ‘Forzer’, which comes from Force, but additionally the Danish chat “forcer” for advantageous obstacles. The Forzer is fabricated from aluminum, and has a apparently affected weight of 13.3kg (29.3 lbs). It is based on buck architecture (two advanced auto and one rear wheel), and the advanced auto accept absolute abeyance with 120mm of travel. The rear alembic uses a simple distinct axis architecture with 150mm of biking for addition comfort. Marius credibility outs that “the council assumption is based on Ackermann council Geometry, and there is both arbiter affection and alembic bend advised into the frontend.”
Sepeda Roda Tiga Keren

Marius hopes abutting to body a alive ancestor and possibly put his architecture in production. For a run of 1000 or added units, and with genitalia fabricated in China, he believes the retail amount tag could be about $2000 (depending on the apparatus used). In his final design, Marius chose to use as abounding accepted bike genitalia as possible, befitting the amount low and acceptance the addition “the befalling to modify, “pimp” and advance his/her bike.”

Sepeda Roda Tiga Keren


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